MLD201 - SampleFlex NCO/Mixer

Complex Mixing is a fundamental piece of any radio chain and is best used at converter rates to unlock the entire spectrum provided by the converter device. SampleFlex technology allows our IP cores to process multiple samples at a time to overcome fmax restrictions.

Unlock sample rates >> fMax by consuming multiple samples per clock.

Inputs and outputs are highly adjustable with paramaters to fit your designs to ease integration.

MLD201 utilizes the cordic algorithm to avoid multipliers and spurious components often found with the lookup table approach. The MLD201 can be used for both sine/cosine generation and complex (IQ) mixing.

McLean Labs Competitors
Sample rate Well in excess of 1Ghz <200Mhz
Noise Performance Configurable at compile time Fixed
Resolution Configurable at compile time fixed
NCO Freq Dynamically configurable Configurable at compile time
Include Gain Correction Configurable at compile time no
Source included at base price yes no


  • Paramaterized N sample per clock processing

  • Paramaterized phase word size (accuracy)

  • Paramaterized data I/O size

  • Paramaterized noise floor reduction

  • Increase parallelization to reduce fdev

  • Achieve theoretical limits in noise floor and accuracy

  • Paramater based gain adjustment

  • Easy integration with flexible I/O

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