MLD211 - SampleFlex CIC Decimator

McLean Labs Competitors
Sample rate Well in excess of 1Ghz <200Mhz
Decimation Rate Dynamic, step size of 1 Configurable at compile time
CIC Order Configurable at compile time Fixed
Resolution Configurable at compile time fixed
Include Truncation Yes yes
Include Gain Correction Yes, bypassable no
Source included at base price yes no

Complex Decimation is a fundamental piece of any rx radio chain. The MLD211 is a high performance integer decimator that offers a high degree of configurability.

Unlock sample rates >> fMax by consuming multiple samples per clock.

Inputs and outputs are highly adjustable with parameters to fit your designs to ease integration. Change many parameters at compile time to chose your own trade offs.


  • Paramaterized N sample per clock processing

  • Paramaterized CIC order

  • Paramaterized data I/O size

  • Paramaterized flop stages

  • Increase parallelization to reduce fdev

  • Decide how many stages are required to fit your system’s need

  • Easy integration with flexible I/O

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