MLD215 - SampleFlex FIR Filter

FIR Filters are widely used in DSP systems, however due to the high fanout nature they can be challenging to operate at high frequencies. As is true with all the SampleFlex line of IP cores, this problem is easily solved by handling multiple samples at every clock cycle.

Unlock sample rates >> fMax by consuming multiple samples per clock.

Inputs and outputs are highly adjustable with paramaters to fit your designs to ease integration. Change many parameters at compile time to chose your own trade offs.


  • Paramaterized N sample per clock processing

  • Paramaterized data I/O size

  • Paramaterized flop stages

  • Paramaterize nTaps

  • Parameterized coefficientbit width

  • Dynamic tap coefficients

  • Dynamic bit growth

  • Dynamic gain adjustment

  • Increase parallelization to reduce fdev

  • Decide how many stages are required to fit your system’s need

  • Easy integration with flexible I/O

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